National Museum of Roman Art

Located in a magnificent building designed by Rafael Moneo, the museum features the most important archaeological discoveries from the ancient Roman city of Augusta Emérita, which today is known as Mérida, in the province of Badajoz, Spain.

Located next to the Roman Theatre and other adjacent buildings, the museum is part of the Archaeological Ensemble of Mérida, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sculptures, mosaics and coins, as well as noted ceramic and glass pieces constitute the body of its collections.

Address: C/ José Ramón Mélida, s/n
Merida (Extremadura) CP 06800

Museum shop opening hours

From October to March
Tuesday to Saturday: 10.30-18.20.
Sundays and bank holidays: 11.00-15.00.

From April to September
Tuesday to Saturday: 10.30-19.50.
Sundays and bank holidays: 11.00-15.00.

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