What we think

For Palacios y Museos, the integration of sales services into one only specialised company is what allows to increase the service's quality and to extend the dissemination of the institution's content. By doing this, the optimization of the resources grows, just as the satisfaction of the visitor.

Palacios y Museos has the inherent guarantees to a company with these solid bases:

  • Proven expertise in the management of stores for the sale of cultural products and souvenirs in museums, monuments and cultural institutions.
  • The strong financial stability and reliability of a company with more than 40 shops in different Spanish institutions.
  • The resources for the development of a range of customised products with the originality, consistency and quality required by the major institutions for whom we work, and that cover different groups of products and price levels, thereby offering a range of products to each visitor profile.
  • A human resources structure specialised in the management of stores with the proper technical resources to ensure that all management-related aspects (logistics, computer systems, etc.) operate without a hitch.
  • A marketing policy oriented towards enhancing products and the image of the Institution and its stores, developed through customisation and exclusive packaging: bags, labels, graphics, etc.
  • Perfectly selected store personnel, usually with university studies and fluent both in Spanish and English, who count also with specific and updated knowledge about the institution, as they receive periodical formation.
  • Our auditable and quality processes in terms of information flow with the institution leads us to have a great relationship with our customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

For Palacios y Museos, respect for the environment and sustainable development are a substantial part of our business. Our contribution to the conservation of natural resources is comprehended within the compromise we maintain with the "10 principles of the Global Compact".

Palacios y Museos adhered in 1998 to the Sistema integrado de Gestión del Punto Verde, a program regarding waste management, conducted by Ecoembalajes España (Ecoembes) to affirm this compromise.