Our Products

Product Policy

One of the most important and distinctive assets of Palacios & Museos as managers of museum shops is our ability to provide each shop with an assortment of customized products. This requires a close collaboration with the institution in the election of the motives, the products and the best way to use them. It is by doing so that we can reach a unique and exclusive product concept which demonstrates the characteristics of the museum the visitor has just known.

The quality of each article is the priority for Palacios y Museos, whose control begins in the earliest stages of process of design and extends to the selection of those suppliers who meet the requirements necessary to reach the quality standard demanded by the institutions for each product.

Our product policy is based on some common values which characterize the know-how of Palacios & Museos:

  • Customization: the products are specially designed for each institution, based on their works of art and its collections, and always in line with their architectural components, history and image.
  • Exclusivity: a large part of the product supply is exclusive to each institution, for Palacios & Museos designs and develops unique products for each one of them. Also, a good share of these products are imported in order to strenghten their exclusivity and quality.
  • Quality: we only offer high-quality products and articles.
  • Image: the product supply is intended to demonstrate the style of the museum with a fresh air of cosmopolitanism in line with the best trends in museum shops.
  • Informative and educational: the products must contribute to the educative mission of institutions as spreaders of culture.
  • Price: Palacios y Museos develops collections of products with different price ranges, so that each profile of visitor can find a variety of affordable articles with an excellent price-quality ratio.
  • Participation of the institution: the entire product policy is implemented through continuous communication and co-ordination with the institution.

Product lines

The variety of products offered by Palacios y Museos in each one of its shops can be divided into three main types:

  • Specially designed products. Exclusive articles created by Palacios y Museos for each institution.
  • Exclusive products for temporary exhibitions.
  • Market products.

All of them are directly related to the theme of each institution. We include products of several product families and complement one another to build a consistent and coherent supply altogether.

Product families

These are some of the most important product families available in our shops:

  • Books and other publications
  • Printed products
  • Decorative articles
  • Textiles
  • Stationery and writing articles
  • Jewellery and costume jewelry
  • Leather goods
  • Toys and games
  • Food products
  • Perfumes
  • Accessories
  • Accessories for audiovisual equipments
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