Jaén Cathedral

Built in the Renaissance style, construction of this cathedral began in the sixteenth century. Notable features include its Baroque façade and Neoclassical choir.

Called the Santa Iglesia Catedral de la Asunción de la Virgen, it was built in the sixteenth century by celebrated Renaissance architect Andrés de Vandelvira. It has three naves divided by slender columns of the Corinthian order, creating a sense of harmony and great beauty. Inside, the cathedral contains chapels and altars from different periods and styles. It is also noted for its choir, its majestic organs and the magnificent chapter house and sacristy — masterworks of the Spanish Renaissance. Once of the highlights of the Cathedral is the venerated relic of the Veil of Veronica, in the Main chapel. According to legend, this artefact is the true likeness of Jesus Christ, which was imprinted on the cloth she used to dry his face during the passion.

Adress Plaza de Stª Maria, s/n Jaén
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