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The identity of those responsible for the web portal is:


NIF (Company Identification Number): B85810331  Calle de Raimundo Fernández Villaverde 61

28003 Madrid

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Registered in the Register of Companies of Madrid, volume 26.880, folio 203, section: 8, sheet, M-484436, entry 1.


By means of the Palacios y Museos web portal, the company Palacios y Museos, S.L. provides its visitors and users with a wide range of services and information about products and services related to, among other things, the retail distribution of consumer products.

This web portal has been created for the benefit of final consumers, suppliers and current and prospective customers of Palacios y Museos, S.L. It restricts the offer of products and services, in specific cases, to the geographic areas in which Palacios y Museos has sales areas open to the public. Consequently, the services which are accessible through this web portal are not intended for wholesaling companies, distributors, purchasing centres, supermarkets or any professional intermediaries.

Access to this website is conditional upon the user’s prior reading and acceptance of the terms, conditions, communications, warnings and other legal notices contained in this set of clauses.

Access to, and subsequent use of, this website by the user will imply their clear, full and unreserved acceptance of the whole of its content. The said access is free of charge.

Access to the web portal via the URL addresses: and is free of charge for users and no prior subscription or registration is required to view it. However, the contracting of specific services or products does sometimes require the user’s registration in the web portal, under the terms and conditions described below, and also the prior acceptance of certain special terms and conditions which amplify and complement these General Terms and Conditions.

As a user, you certify that you are of legal age and that you have the legal capacity to be bound by these General Terms and Conditions, and to use and, where appropriate, reserve articles of Palacios y Museos on line (in those countries where that is possible). The user, expressly and without exceptions, agrees that access to, and use of, the web portal, its services and the content of those services will be under the user’s sole and exclusive responsibility.

If the user does not accept these General Terms and Conditions of browsing, they will have to abandon this website, and will not be able to have access to, nor use, the services which it offers.


Palacios y Museos makes the web portal available to the user, with the information which it contains, on the understanding that, although it has been carefully prepared, it could contain imprecisions or errors.

By the very fact of visiting the web portal, the user recognizes and accepts that the data and information about products and services, and any other data and information contained in the web portal, appear there solely and exclusively for informative purposes, as information of a preliminary nature which is made available to the user, and which at any given moment could contain errors or imprecisions, or may not have been updated.

The links which could exist with other websites, and the use to which the user could put them, are subject to these General Terms and Conditions of use, as well as to the possible specific conditions required by those websites. Any kind of use which is different from the authorized use is expressly prohibited.

Palacios y Museos can, at any time that it considers opportune, unilaterally modify the configuration of this website and the conditions of the service and its content, and can eliminate, limit or suspend these temporarily or permanently. The Company can also prevent access to them, and can arrange to inform the user of the change as soon as circumstances allow, by publishing the details on the website.


Palacios y Museos affirms that the web portal has the technology (software and hardware) that is currently necessary for access to it and for its use. However, Palacios y Museos makes no guarantee as to the availability and continuous functioning of this website and its services, or as to the possible existence of viruses or other harmful elements, introduced by any means or any third party, and which could cause alterations in the user’s computer systems.

The user accepts that the web portal was created and developed in good faith by Palacios y Museos, who used information from internal and external sources, and who are offering it to users in its present state, which could include inaccuracies or errors. Consequently, the user absolves Palacios y Museos from any responsibility in connection with the reliability, usefulness or false expectation that the web portal might provide during their browsing inside it.


Although Palacios y Museos has taken all the appropriate measures to guarantee security in this matter, it does not guarantee the absence from this website of viruses or other elements in its content which could produce alterations in the user’s computer system (software and hardware) or in the electronic documents and files which are stored in it.

In this sense, Palacios y Museos, while remaining within the applicable law, makes no declarations and offers no guarantees of any kind, whether explicit or implied, as to the functioning of the web portal or the information, content, software, equipment or products included in it. Likewise, Palacios y Museos has no obligation to provide any warranties, whether explicit or implied, including, among others, implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose. Palacios y Museos will not be responsible for any kind of damage or harm that could result from the use of this web portal, including, among others, direct and indirect damage.

Palacios y Museos will not accept responsibility for any direct or indirect damage or harm which could result from the interruption of the web portal’s service or continuity of service. Likewise, Palacios y Museos will not accept responsibility for possible errors or lack of security which could result from the user’s use of a type of browser which is out-of-date or insecure, or from the activation of security mechanisms for keys or user codes in the browser, or for the damage, errors or inaccuracies that could result from its malfunctioning.

Palacios y Museos has no obligation to control, and does not control, the use to which the users put this website, its content and the services. In particular, this Company does not guarantee that the users will use this website, its services and its content in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions, and if appropriate, with the applicable Specific Terms and Conditions, nor that they will do so diligently and prudently.

The user will be responsible for any damage and harm, of any kind, which Palacios y Museos suffers as a direct or indirect consequence of the user’s failure to comply with the General Terms and Conditions.


The Users or the owners of other websites who intend to create a hypertext link (hereafter referred to as ‘link’) to this Web Portal will have to guarantee and commit themselves to compliance with the rules of Palacios y Museos regarding links in the Internet.

Those rules consist of (I) not linking to pages or subpages other than the home page of Palacios y Museos;(II) not making, in connection with the link, false, inexact or incorrect statements which could be misleading or against the law, morality or decency; (III)not including any commercial brand or sign which is subject to protection, other than the URL address of the Web Portal; (IV) not setting up links to pages containing material, statements or propaganda which is racist, xenophobic, pornographic, supportive of terrorism, or threatening to human rights, and which could damage in any way the good name or image of Palacios y Museos, the companies in the Aldeasa group, or their customers.

The inclusion of links to other websites does not imply that Palacios y Museos promotes, supports, guarantees or recommends the contents of those web portals or websites.

Assuming that this website could contain links to other web portals or websites which are not managed by Palacios y Museos, this company declares that it exercises no control whatsoever over those web portals or websites, and is not responsible for their content. The links which this website may contain are only offered for informative reference, without any kind of evaluation of their content or owners, or the services or products which they offer. In any case, Palacios y Museos and the companies of the Grupo Aldeasa will disclaim all responsibility for the services provided by the said third parties if faced with any claims of any kind or any lawsuits which may arise in this connection.


The entire content of the Web Portal (including, without limiting character, databases, pictures, maps, brands, drawings, graphics, signs, text, audio and video files and software, and any other contents of the same) are the property of Palacios y Museos, or of their suppliers of content, the latter having been the subject of a licence or transfer by the suppliers, and being protected by the national or international regulations covering intellectuel and industrial property.

The compilation, design, ordering and assembly of the entire content of the web portal are also the exclusive property of Palacios y Museos and are protected by the national and international regulations covering intellectual and industrial property. All the software utilized in the use and development of the web portal is the property of Palacios y Museos or of their software suppliers, and is protected by the national and international regulations covering intellectual and industrial property.

The brands, notices, distinctive signs and logos of Palacios y Museos which appear in the web portal are the property of Palacios y Museos and are duly registered or in the process of being registered. The names of other products, services and companies which appear in this document or in the web portal could be the registered trademarks of their respective, legitimate owners. All the texts, drawings, graphics,videos or audio supports are the property of Palacios y Museos, or of the content suppliers, and cannot be subsequently modified, copied, altered, reproduced, adapted or translated by the user or by third parties without the express authorization of the owners of the said contents.

The logos or distinctive signs of the other companies in the GRUPO ALDEASA which could appear in this website during the user’s browsing of it are the property of each one of them, and each of them legally holds the exclusive rights to exploit them, and expressly consents to their being incorporated, when appropriate, into this website.

Unless otherwise agreed, these terms and conditions will also apply in the case of graphics or designs which appear in this website, and whose owners are companies collaborating with Palacios y Museos.

Any alteration by the user to the content or structure of this website is strictly prohibited.

The making available and use of the databases, pictures, drawings, graphics, text, audio and video files and software owned by Palacios y Museos or their suppliers listed in the web portal in no case implies the transfer of their ownership or the granting to the user of a right of use for their own benefit.


If any clause of these General Terms and Conditions for browsing and using this website were to be declared totally or partially null or void, that would only affect the said provision or that part of it which becomes null or void, which will be replaced by a valid and binding clause which approximates as closely as possible to the spirit and purposes of the clause declared null and void, the rest of the General Terms and Conditions subsisting in everything else.


Palacios y Museos in order to preserve and guarantee their privacy at all times exposes their data protection policy in the followinglink

The user must complete the whole of the relevant form when their personal data are required for the processing of their requests or for the provision of certain services. The user declares that all the information which they provide for the purpose of access to this web portal, and in the course of its use, is true, complete and accurate, and undertakes to keep it up-to-date.

Palacios y Museos informs you that the collection of your personal data is done for the following purposes: (I) that of being able to provide you with the services to which you will have access via our web portal, a description of which services can be found in the General Terms and Conditions of Access and Use of the same, which every user should consult; (II) for sales and advertising purposes, both for products of Palacios y Museos and for the products, services, offers, promotions and any other advertising of companies in its group and of third parties; (III) for carrying out surveys and producing statistics and analyses of market trends;(IV) for preparing profiles of the user in order to improve and customize our services; (V) so that you can participate in our staff selection processes.

The user can exercise their rights of access to, rectification of, cancellation of, and opposition to the record of their personal data under the terms laid down in the LOPD, the company responsible for the file which processes the data being Palacios y Museos itself, whose registered office is situated at:  Calle de Raimundo Fernández Villaverde 61, 28003-Madrid. For your greater convenience, you may also exercise the rights mentioned above by electronic mail to the following address:

  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


These General Terms and Conditions, and the relationship set up between Palacios y Museos and the User, will be governed by the provisions in the current regulations relating to the applicable legislation and the competent jurisdiction. However, for those cases for which the regulations contemplate the possibility of the parties submitting themselves to regional laws, Palacios y Museos and the User, expressly renouncing their right to any other jurisdiction which could be applicable, will submit themselves to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid.

We shall be delighted to attend to any suggestion or proposal in the Customer Service Department of Palacios y Museos. You may contact us by telephone on: (+34)913059350 or by e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.