Ediciones Palacios y Museos was created with the aim of offering our own publications in the shops managed by Palacios y Museos. Today, it continues to evolve towards greater specialization in order to achieve maximum quality, both aesthetically and in content, in its publications on art, gastronomy and high-grade tourism.

As publishers, Palacios y Museos are specialized in the production of books for visitors to museums and art galleries, from short practical guides which help to direct visitors through the various parts of the exhibition, to picture books which serve as souvenirs of the visit.

In addition to these publications, our collection includes longer publications which provide detailed information about the institution and the city in which it is situated. We also publish catalogues for temporary exhibitions, and other books orientated towards the tourism sector.

We collaborate with well-known professionals in the sector (co-ordinators, proofreaders, authors, translators, photographers, designers, cartographers, etc.) who guarantee the reliability of the content. Moreover, the accreditation of the companies specialized in photomechanics and printing gives us confidence in the final result of the production, and peace of mind regarding respect for the environment.

We publish quality publications, thoroughly checking the whole publishing cycle from the book’s conception to its arrival at the printer’s. That is why we work with the most appropriate materials and the most reliable content, all approved by the institution. The titles published, in more than six languages, as well as their quality, are our best recommendation.

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