Palacios y Museos’ experience in the development and management of shops for museums, art galleries and other cultural institutions has enabled it to offer advice and to pass on its know-how to other companies in the sector.

In fact, we offer advice on everything related to the sector, such as:

  • The preparation of integrated projects for their presentation to the institutions.
  • The technical plan of the shop: its architecture, decoration, etc.
  • Product development: customized designs, production control,etc.
  • Setting up in the shop.
  • The image of the shop, through packaging and visual merchandising.
  • Selection and training of staff.
  • Logistics.
  • Customer service.

An important example of this service is the contract signed by Palacios y Museos with the Turkish company Bilintur, for advice and development work in 53 shops in the most important museums, art galleries and monuments in that country.

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