Juan Abelló collection

New Exhibition in Centro Centro

"Our mind is the canvas on which the artists lay their colour; their pigments are our emotions; their chiaroscuro the light of joy, the shadow of sadness. The masterpiece is of ourselves, as we are of the masterpiece." (The Book of Tea, Kakuzo Okakura)

For the first time, Juan Abelló, owner of one of the four largest private art collections in Spain, will be showing a selection of his pieces at CentroCentro in October.

Picasso, Juan Gris, Francis Bacon, Murillo, Canaletto, Sorolla, Leger, Tolouse-Lautrec, Chagall, Dalí, Klimt, Kees Van Dongen, Modigliani and Canella are some of the artists whose works will be on display as part of this overview of art from the fifteenth to twentieth centuries.

A not-to-be-missed opportunity to see a collection of artworks never previously shown to the public.